beep™ will soon hit 100-M mark in fare transactions

The beep™ tap and go ticketing system, in a few days, will be recording its 100-millionth fare transaction, six months after the completion of its implementation in the three elevated railways (LRT1, LRT2 and MRT3) of Metro Manila. This is a testament to the positive response of Manila commuters to the new system.

“We are glad to see that as commuters have become familiar with the new system, more and more of them are using the beep card to pay for their train rides each month.” said Peter Maher, CEO and President of AF Payments Inc.

As of March, there were 1.7 million beep™ cards activated. The typical beep cardholder loads just over 4 trips to their card. In March, 56% of all train fares on LRT1, LRT2 and MRT3 were paid by riders tapping their beep card to enter and exit the stations. Given the steady increase in adoption of beep cards since the start of the project on October 3, AF Payments Inc. expects that more commuters will maintain their own beep™ cards instead of lining up every time they take the train to buy a Single Journey Ticket. As the beep™ card can be used in all three lines, commuters can save precious minutes falling in line every time.

In addition, commuters enjoy fare discounts on most trips when they use the reloadable beep™ card on LRT1 and LRT2. For trips on LRT 1, commuters can enjoy a discounted fare on 84% of all trips with a maximum fare saving of P9. For trips on LRT 2, commuters can enjoy a discounted fare on 82% of all trips with a maximum fare saving of P4. “For frequent train riders, the savings are very worthwhile”, added Maher.

The reloadable beep™ card can be purchased for P20, is valid for 4 years and can have an initial load of only Php13 or equivalent to the minimum fare. beep cards can be purchased at ticket vending machines (TVM) or over the counter in LRT1, LRT2 and MRT3 stations.

AF Payments Inc.’s next priority is to expand the options in terms of reloading the beep™ card. It is looking to partner with several establishments, including leading payment centers and convenience stores to make reloading more convenient. This way, train-riders can go straight to the turnstiles, thereby saving precious time.