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As a merchant or business owner, you could benefit greatly from shifting from cash transactions to electronic payments. By accepting beep transactions, you could lower the cost of doing business, improve customer retention, make it easier to track financial transactions, and potentially lessen leakage of funds. 

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Beep Card

Get co-branded beep cards for your company

Give your customers or employees all the benefits that come with having a beep card. All the functionalities that beep™ offers can be integrated into your existing payment or ID card.

Together, we can give your business access to so much more!

Co-branded advertising card: Want an effective way to advertise your brand? Dress up the beep card and get your brand and message in the right hands!

Co-branded multifunction card: The beep functionality can also be added to existing cards. Contact us if you are an institution that would like to learn more about adding the beep functionality to your existing or future card products.

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